MUSE - it wouldn't be a style blog without an entry dedicated to kate


KATE LANPHEAR - senior style director of US Elle - my absolute favorite "fashion person."
androgynous, chic, confident, total badass..

photos from the sartorialist, jak & jil, and misc?

do you see why i worship the ground on which she walks?
"but elaine," you say, "i can't get those balenciaga shoes/ysl pants/lanvin rings/etc...!"
no worries! click below ("read more") for a few affordable kate-inspired pieces.

forever 21, $30

forever 21, $20
forever 21, $25

forever 21, $44

urban outfitters, $50

bangle, modcloth, $15

ring, modcloth, $12

thanks stephen for the jump tip! :)


Grace said...

she makes me wish i could rock a platinum blonde vic-beckham-inspired 'do.
but alas, i am asian.

David said...

Is she really androgynous? That's so weird.

Grace said...

@ david: ...are you sure you know the meaning of androgyny?