long time, no see

I know it has been like three months since we have posted anything substantial. I apologize on Elaine and my behalf. Elaine is currently in China; I am currently lazy. That's about the best excuse I can come up with.

All of my friends keep asking when we will post again because they like to read and look at the things we post. The thing is, I don't know. The future of this blog is shaky right now. Elaine and I originally planned to continue this blog through college, when we would be in Boston and New York City respectively. If we do end up doing so, it will be a miracle because I don't know how inspired we are to blog, and once college starts, it'll be even more difficult. Of course, I would love to. My posts may no longer be long talks about the fashion of Korean pop music and its use of the marching hat and will probably end up more centered around just outfit posts because those are easier to put together quickly. If that's okay with you guys, then that's what will come.

I recently just came back from visiting New York for orientation. It was an amazing experience. I don't have any outfit pictures, because like I said, I'm lazy. Here's some pictures I took and a view of my back.

Once Elaine comes back from China, I will discuss this with her and we will let you know what the future of this blog will be!


RIP McQueen

Sigh. Another wonderful icon, dead. The news of McQueen's death hit me like a ton of bricks when I first heard it. Who will be able to ever uphold the aesthetic that he has brought to this world?

Here is his final collection, which he finished before his suicide.

Rest in peace.

PS: Sorry for the constant lack of posts. Obviously Elaine and I have trouble with this. Some new outfit posts coming later this week, I promise! Pictures have been collecting dust on my memory card and hard drive.


less tacky, more dramatic

it's prom season..........this year, say NO to another long, satiny, boring dress and instead consider these looks from nyfw fallrtw.

1st row: marchesa, naeem khan
2nd row: monique lhuillier
3rd row: oscar de la renta, reem acra


ribbon necklace DIY

This past weekend, I worked on another DIY project, this time a necklace. It's a ribbon necklace, made from this tutorial from Behind the Seams. It turned out rather pretty. I took Trang's example and added some extra so there are more frills, more beads, more more more.

Here I incorporated the necklace into an outfit.

necklace- DIY, tree t-shirt - wet seal, black cropped jacket - macy's, olive skirt - forever 21, black & gray (unseen) tights - express, boots - gift

Made another Hobby Lobby run today. Here are some things I picked up. Organza, leopard-print broadcloth, turquoise ribbon and fake pearls for more necklaces, micron pen, sketchbook, and fray sealant. Excited!!


I went shopping for the first time in six months in January. I hadn't stepped foot in a mall since July, but finallllly, on a glorious January day, I went to the Galleria. Gap was having a sale on their plain tights so I bought two, one in blue and one in mustard (in the previous entry).

When I first assembled my outfit in the morning, I didn't really think much of the tights. As the day went on, I realized just how bright and shockingly blue they were. Until, during the middle of band, I realized. I looked like someone from Avatar (a movie I still have not seen that I really need to see). Or maybe even a Smurf. "Does everyone else see this resemblance, or is it just me?" Since I wore this ensemble in January, right in the midst of the Avatar craze, I was really expecting someone to say something about what my legs resembled, but I didn't get any comments about it for the entire day. I think that's a good thing.

jacket - mom's, top - gift, shorts - ???, tights - gap $4, shoes - payless.

Speaking of shopping, here are some pictures from the Galleria trip with Elaine and Rena! Tried on so many pairs of lovely shoes, bought none of them. The most tragic loss? The Christian Siriano for Payless booties! They were only $18! And so beautiful! If only a little painful... So much regret.


puff skirt DIY

First off, I changed the playlist so that it doesn't automatically start up. I know a lot of people don't like it when blogs have music playing, so if you do want to listen to our fav songs, you have to click play for it to start playing. Also, because of Mixpod and YouTube's new agreement, a lot of our fav songs are unable to be played now. I'll try to fix that and find some more working songs. Sorry about that.

Anyways, I have been wanting to do this DIY for the loooongest time. Long. Time. Finally got around to it. Since it's a three-day weekend due to MLK Jr. Day, I thought "Why not waste some of that precious time?" and got to it. I followed the DIY instructions from Childhood Flames and got it done in around 2 hours, the time that it also took her to finish. It really is very simple to do and the finished product is very cute. I used some poly-satin that I had lying around from an old Humanities opera project. I am thinking about going to pick up some chiffon or something to create some more layers on top of this. I'll let you know if I end up doing it.

Not the best pictures; and I had to edit them for a more accurate color of the skirt. Sorry.


i'm sorry!!!!!!

I am a horrible blogger. I'm sorry. I promise I will update more later. But I can't right now, I'm going through some difficult times and I'm having trouble finding time for this. Senior year is not as easy as it seems! I'm really really really sorry. Blogging is like a full time job and I don't know if I'm up for it right now. There was something I really wanted to post about but I forgot. But here, some outfits from the past week (with some repeated items from day to day). I hope these appease you for now. I will be back with a vengeance... soon!

PS: I need to find a better location for taking pictures.

gray shirt from jcpenny, pink/purple skirt from f21, mustard tights from gap, white scarf from banana republic.
watercolor top from american eagle, red floral skirt from f21, black lace tights from f21 over gray tights from express.
green cardigan from nordstroms, orange beaded top from ??, olive and black american apparel dress, gray tights from express.

purple sweatshirt (DIY cut-off collar) from goodwill, red floral skirt from f21, gray tights from express, boots from china.