catch up

Well well well, if it isn't Ms. Absentee-Blogger.

[Yeahyeah, wearing those overused 3D-glasses-with-lens-popped-out. But I like them! Thanks, Eugene (:]

Apologies!! I feel like I have not updated in such a long time and it makes me soo sad!! =( I have missed posting dearly. School definitely ruins my fun. I basically put everything on the back burner when school starts, as is evidenced on getting behind on 1) Kpop news 2) fashion blogs 3) Lookbook.nu/Chictopia. Argh!!!! There are not enough hours in the day.

However, I did not put fashion news on the back burner! As is evidenced by my winning two lovely pink pencils from the Art Institute of Dallas because I answered some questions in a quiz correctly when a guest speaker came to talk to our fashion design class. Namely, I was the only person so far in the day [I have 5th period] to know that Christian Siriano is collabing with Payless for some more affordable Egyptian-style shoes and handbags [which I must get my hands on]. Okay, sorry, I just wanted to brag.

Anyways, here are some things I promised.

First, the TOMS shoes I decorated for my teacher during the summer. I've seen her wearing them a few times and it makes me happy anytime someone wears something I've made! (: [Sorry, picture quality is kind of crap because they're all blurry.]

Halfway through.Finished product.

Secondly, this is a random collage I made one night. It took me 2 hours and it broke my heart every time I had to cut out a picture when I liked what was on the back side of the page as well. It acts as inspiration to me now.

Also, we reached 200 members in our Facebook group and 2000 page views! The guys' clothing post will come.... soon?? I don't know, I'm doing my best!!

Here's my entry into the Chictopia+Forever21 "Back to School" Contest. Elaine and I really want to win because the prize is a $250 giftcard to Forever21 but I don't know what our chances are. We'll see!

Candies Short-Sleeved Pinstriped Blazer = Kohl's ??
Floral T-shirt = H&M $10?
Gray shorts = F21 $12?
Black floral lace leggings = F21 gift
Red Converse high-tops = gift

Also, expect another entry VERY soon. (: And I am superly excited to see the collections from NYFW. Can't wait to see what's in store for Spring 2010.

Phew, that was a long entry. Okay, that's it for now.

PS: Look, Chictopia has an article about the Anna Sui for Target line that Elaine covered a little while ago. Check it out here.


super quick update

anna wintour on letterman monday night:

the new season of project runway has begun! if you're like me and don't have lifetime, they're streaming full episodes on their website 2 days after the air on TV.
too early to pick favorites yet, but that "recovering meth addict" really got on my nerves, AND his dress was gross and trashy imo. :) i thought that carol hannah's dress should have been in the top three though...

so pretty


uploading pictures directly unto blogger for now, photobucket pictures should come back tomorrow!


technical difficulties

Hey guys, bear with us -- we are having bandwidth issues with Photobucket. Instead of being upset, I am actually really excited, because it means a lot of yall are actually looking at our pictures! Hehe. So, I'll be fixing that .... soon. And will update with a post later as well! (:


okay, i don't know when i can fix this bandwidth stuff. i have found another place we might potentially be able to host pictures, but our bandwidth ban ends on august 26th, which is relatively soon. i don't know. sorry, i would try to fix it now but i am way too stressed out with school. soon, i hope. sorry guys ='(


denim DIY

bleached denim-
the OG: balmain s/s 09...

so i really wanted to try this out, and there are a slew of tutorials online now (just google "how to bleach denim"). and maybe mine didn't turn out exactly the way i wanted them to BECAUSE i was too lazy to go through all the steps... i ended up just laying a pair of old jeans on the floor and randomly dripping clorox over them, and the blotches ended up way bigger than i want them to be:

and i couldn't get really white spots either, just light blue. i might try dripping some more bleach on top of the lighter places to see if they'll turn white... i think they're alright though.
if you like the look though, you should def. try it out yourself! or if you're afraid that you'll screw it up, you can buy them pretty much everywhere now, and they look a lot cooler than mine: (click for) urban outfitters for $70, target for $20. might just go buy some... ;D

also, on a semi-unrelated topic, like jane said, we're not going to be posting a whole lot this fall... but don't fret, go watch one of the 10000 awesome movies coming out this fall/winter!

like THE IMAGINARIUM OF DOCTOR PARNASSUS, with the gorgeousss lily cole, johnny depp, heath ledger, etc. trailer:

and i will definitely be seeing:
taking woodstock
cold souls
disctrict 9
where the wild things are
the september issue
coco before chanel
youth in revolt
& more........so many movies so little time! oh wait.. this hiatus is for...college apps...aghhh!!!!!



Elaine and I talked about this about a week ago, and I guess it's time to make it official, after receiving Eugene's latest comment.

She asked why we didn't talk about Rodarte having a line at Target. I saw an article about it a few days ago and showed it to Elaine and we both ooh'd and ahh'd about how excited we were but didn't post. [Btw, if you want to see about it, read this. To me, Rodarte is like pure walking art. I am excited.]

Honestly, we are both just swamped right now. We don't have time to keep up with this blog at the moment. We are really sorry about it, but we're high school seniors and we need to worry about college. I have band camp for 8 hours a day and then I also have to worry about summer reading homework, college applications, and correspondence classes [therefore leaving me with very little time to even keep up with anything else in my internet life]. Elaine is working hard on college apps and summer reading and correspondence.

I'm so sorry that we won't be keeping up with this since we just started. We're planning on ending this "semi-hiatus" at around winter, because we know we will be done with apps by then and then the nervous waiting begins. But. Never fear. We're not going away entirely! I'm sure if something is pressing, we will still blog about it. Once school starts, outfit posts will be plenty, but only because those are super fast and easy. But no more long lengthy rants [at least for me...].

Once again, I am sorry. But we will be back, and back with a vengeance, ready to conquer the world!

Btw, once our Facebook group reaches 200 members [it's perching precariously at 198 right now], I'm going to make my first post about men's fashion. It will take me a lot of work because I don't know much about where to shop for guys, but I will figure it out. I'm researching. I was planning for it to be a surprise, but oh well. I know the guys will be excited since they keep asking me. It will happen. I promise. I will forego all other things I am doing just to make the post, in celebration of having 200 members and reaching 1600 page views. Thank you all, for all your support. And sorry again for this hiatus.


an explanation

Hey guys, I am really sorry I haven't posted in a long[ish] time.

Why? Because marching band camp has officially started. Yes. Right now, I am sitting here, in an incredibly sore state. I have never been this sore from band camp and it is only the second day. It makes me want to cry. It's that horrible. But yeah. That's why I haven't really been present in the blogging world. I am still reading blogs and getting ideas and inspiration. I can only hope that we will be able to blog semi-regularly when school starts since it is already hard for me to find the motivation to blog now. But I promise, it will be done.

Next entry, I have some exciting things in store. Friends have been making requests and it will get done. I promise. I am researching right now.

I also realize I did not have my "Kpop Rant of the Month" but uh.. maybe.. in a few days. There's really only one thing I really wanted to share. It's easier to not blog about it all the time when I force myself not to, and then I forget about all the things I wanted to blog about in the first place. Fantastic.

Anyways, just wanted to offer a brief explanation as to why I will be MIA for a while.

To make this somewhat fashion-relevant, here is a lovely lovely image off of Daydream Lily's Tumblr. I look to her tumblr and blog for inspiration because she always finds THE most lovely images. The reason for this image is because I would love to be wearing frilly ruffly pretty dresses all day and just running around in a dreamy landscape like a little girl. Instead, I am wearing sweats and baggy T-shirts and running around a marching field and doing isometric push ups [AKA the death of me] like a weak little girl. =( [Original source of image: Allie Reed who also has super lovely images of herself and her friends on her Flickr -- this image below is of herself!!]

PS: This is how sore I am -- it hurts to blog. Typing hurts. Lifting my arms to the keyboard hurts. I am such a weakling. Sorry for my constant complaining.


my life recently

top - nordstrom rack, $15?
shorts - forever 21, $18
shoes - payless, $20

this took me 6 hours. i'm not really liking how it looks anymore,
so i might start over. my mom brought back like 20 huge black
t-shirts for me to "play with." i'll keep you posted....

i made this banana bread last week and i finished it in like 2 days,
it was delicious. and healthy. and it looked pretty so i'm posting a picture of it.