days of summer

Today, I went to watch an early screening of (500) Days of Summer with Eugene. What a brilliant film! Beautiful people as well. Zooey wore some fabulous outfits, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt was too adorable.

Here's my outfit for the day.
White ruffled shirt top = Mom's $??
Blue beaded top/dress = Urban Outfitters $9.99
Brown shorts [unseen] = Forever 21 $12?
Red Converse High-tops = present from a friend
Jean Shorts Bag = homemade from middle school

Alright, I think I'm going to read some of Atlas Shrugged and listen to some soothing music. Good night.


the september issue- trailer

the real-life miranda priestly, coming to a theatre near you (hopefully) august 28th

"The September 2007 issue of Vogue magazine weighed nearly five pounds, and was the single largest issue of a magazine ever published. With unprecedented access, The September Issue, directed and produced by R.J. Cutler, tells the story of legendary Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour and her larger-than-life team of editors creating the issue and ruling the world of fashion." - official site


p.s. i'm going to be in new england for the next week visiting colleges and i get to stay in NYC a few extra days... definitely gonna hit up some topshop/h&m, oh and i'm seeing conor oberst and jenny lewis in concert?! hope to do a couple of posts from new york...until then, bye!

hut, two, three, four // left, left, left right left

I'm sure we've all heard of the untimely death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. I just wanted to make a little fashion tribute to him, focusing on his military jackets, especially since they have started to become a trend again.

Here's a mish-mash of images of Michael Jackson's military jackets from this MTV slideshow.
This is one of his famous jackets.

Look at the runway-inspired version in Balmain's Spring 2009 show. And pictures of Beyoncé wearing it.

Also, look at the arm wrappings on MJ's arm, which clearly inspired the looks for 2PM [a Korean pop boy band] through not only the similar arm wrappings / across-the-shoulder wrapping but also their military-inspired tops [especially the epaulettes].
I know the pictures of 2PM are really bad but I had to use screencaps from YouTube videos of their live performances because I couldn't find any stills. Sorry =( Also, in their first picture, I circled what I was trying to emphasize.Korean singer, Baek Ji Young, wore an inspired jacket during a performance on KBS Music Bank on June 26th.

I'm trying to find a more affordable jacket [compared to the $11,410 Balmain] -- will share when I finally find it. I had been wanting one really badly before I realized the MJ influence. Ironically, very similar to my new marching uniform.
Picture taken by Grace Suarez. I'm not actually in this picture but I love all the people that are!

These are some extra pictures that I liked [basically, I have the entire MTV slideshow on the blog lol]. The third picture where MJ's wearing tons of studded items is for Elaine, because I know she loves them.

No one can quite wear sequins and sparkle like MJ can. Rest in peace.

Sigh, it is 4AM and I have my senior pictures in approximately 6 hours. Staying up this late can't be good for those. Panda eyes, here I come!

Images from mtv.com, mystyle.net, net-a-porter.com, trendhunter.com, nymag.com.


another reason to love target

pictures of anna sui's collection for target are now available! anna's will be the second in target's designer collaboration series (different from their go international designers). the collection will be in stores and online beginning SEPT 13TH and best of all - the designs were inspired by serena, blair, jenny, and vanessa! of gossip girl, if you didn't know :|||

a few of my favorites are:

you can see a slideshow of all the looks here!
tell us what you think in a comment! :)

magic is in the air

THANK YOU to all of our friends that are visiting this blog. I don't think you guys know how happy it makes us inside hahaha. Well, outside too. Anyways, to answer the only FAQ on our FB group wall, we WILL have men's fashion, style spotlights on guys, etc. Don't worry, guys, we got yo back! Oh, and you do NOT need to have a blogger account to leave comments. We would love your feedback! (:

Elaine would not let me post until I finished reading some more economics, which was so boring. Anyways, as we all know, the sixth Harry Potter movie is coming out soon. So who better to feature for this post than the lovely Emma Watson? I just got my August TeenVogue in the mail yesterday, and there was a gorgeous spread of her in it [the clothes were amazing!!]. Then I got curious and found another stunning spread in Vogue Italia September/October 2008 and her Burberry campaign. And read on Perez Hilton's blog that she's going to Columbia in the fall. So enviable.

Anyways, on to the inspiration! [Warning: lots of pictures ahead; as usual, click to enlarge; click on the website name for more pictures/information/etc!]

TeenVogue August 2009 [from teenvogue.com -- gotta get me some poofy skirts and shirts like hers!]

Vogue Italia September/October 2008 [from diagonalley.it -- wearing tons of couture!!; warning: these scans are HUGE]

Burberry Campaign [from nymag.com]

Crash Magazine May 2009 [from stylefrizz.com -- photographed by Karl Lagerfeld himself!! showing a different side of herself.]

I think it is safe to say that I have developed a girl crush on her. (:


summer stylin

outfit post no. 1 a la elaine!

top: forever21 couple years ago, maybe $12
pants: forever21 $15
belt: mom's closet
shoes: target $25

spring 09 - harem/drop-crotch pants - ridiculous or comfy-cool...?
i like them, except when they're like this:
wearing 2 trash bags?
photo: facehunter.com

introduce me

This is my first real post! How exciting. (: Have been wanting to make a fashion blog for soo long and finally teamed up with Elaine to get it done!

First, let's start out with my outfit from yesterday. You can kind of see it a little in the YouTube video on the side bar [hehe, it's a stopmotion!], but here are some pictures. You can click on them to enlarge them, if you so desire.

black star asymmetrical top = urban outfitters $10
YNQ jean shorts = ross $15?
red converse high-tops = present from a friend
belt = dad's from china
necklace = mom's from china

Check out all my lovely [or horrible, which is my opinion] artwork in the background!Me being silly... or normal. This is one of my usual picture poses.
This is where all the magic happens [aka, in my room, or you may call it by its alias, the Threadsetters Headquarters]. Cutting a shirt for elaine & editing our YouTube intro movie.
On Windows Movie Maker, resizing the time slot for each picture. It looks so cool, like a panorama.

There is so much I am so excited to blog about. A tribute to Michael Jackson's crazy but classic fashion trends [=(] and how they've influenced the runway and elsewhere, Emma Watson's spread in the August TeenVogue magazine, etc. Keep an eye out for more later!