Hi guys... yes, it's been ages since I last updated. Sorry =(

To make up for it, here are like five outfits [in chronological order!] from the past month crammed into one post. I don't have much time to elaborate but... enjoy? Heh.

Just for fun...
Homecoming [Me, William] - check out his tie/pocket square ;]Chipotle Halloween [Vicki, Elaine, and me]

PS: For some reason, our sidebar is acting up. I don't know how to fix it or why it's doing that. So if you want to find it, it is now at the bottom, below all of our posts. Sorry =( I will try to fix it sometime later.


Elaine said...

this entry is so full of cuteness.
except for the last picture.
we need to start taking outfit pictures together like we have been saying for 2 months!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the update!!
I especially love the pictures from today's outfit!
& ditto what elaine said: cuteness x1000