tiny post & update

illustration by jenny mortsell.

i just saw this and thought i'd share it here - COACD Top 25 Faces of 2009  - not directly clothing-related but the illustrations are FANTASTIC & they listed some great models.

secondly, our "semi-hiatus" is almost over...EXPECT TORRENTIAL WAVES OF AWESOME ENTRIES BEGINNING IN JANUARY!! seriously.
hope you all are enjoying winter break, and check back here soon!

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Eugene Sarang said...

Dear E&J,
It is now January, where are the tons and tons of amazing posts? Especially to Jane, I'm expecting loads of amazing pictures from the Korean new year's concerts (check out KBS and SBS, esp chus KBS had like a Balmain shoulder-detail jacket theme for the entire show, amazingggg <3). Hahaha it is now second semester senior year for you guys, live it upp! And happy new year ^^