I went shopping for the first time in six months in January. I hadn't stepped foot in a mall since July, but finallllly, on a glorious January day, I went to the Galleria. Gap was having a sale on their plain tights so I bought two, one in blue and one in mustard (in the previous entry).

When I first assembled my outfit in the morning, I didn't really think much of the tights. As the day went on, I realized just how bright and shockingly blue they were. Until, during the middle of band, I realized. I looked like someone from Avatar (a movie I still have not seen that I really need to see). Or maybe even a Smurf. "Does everyone else see this resemblance, or is it just me?" Since I wore this ensemble in January, right in the midst of the Avatar craze, I was really expecting someone to say something about what my legs resembled, but I didn't get any comments about it for the entire day. I think that's a good thing.

jacket - mom's, top - gift, shorts - ???, tights - gap $4, shoes - payless.

Speaking of shopping, here are some pictures from the Galleria trip with Elaine and Rena! Tried on so many pairs of lovely shoes, bought none of them. The most tragic loss? The Christian Siriano for Payless booties! They were only $18! And so beautiful! If only a little painful... So much regret.


Bonita Teixeira said...

I like shoes on the left. The blue ones they look fabulous? is in Payles??

Jane said...

Yup, they are from Payless! They were only $18 too... I wish I bought them.

Eugene Sarang said...

hahaha oh i heard the shopping story from rena, how funny ^^ i bought the gap tights in yellow! love.