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THANK YOU to all of our friends that are visiting this blog. I don't think you guys know how happy it makes us inside hahaha. Well, outside too. Anyways, to answer the only FAQ on our FB group wall, we WILL have men's fashion, style spotlights on guys, etc. Don't worry, guys, we got yo back! Oh, and you do NOT need to have a blogger account to leave comments. We would love your feedback! (:

Elaine would not let me post until I finished reading some more economics, which was so boring. Anyways, as we all know, the sixth Harry Potter movie is coming out soon. So who better to feature for this post than the lovely Emma Watson? I just got my August TeenVogue in the mail yesterday, and there was a gorgeous spread of her in it [the clothes were amazing!!]. Then I got curious and found another stunning spread in Vogue Italia September/October 2008 and her Burberry campaign. And read on Perez Hilton's blog that she's going to Columbia in the fall. So enviable.

Anyways, on to the inspiration! [Warning: lots of pictures ahead; as usual, click to enlarge; click on the website name for more pictures/information/etc!]

TeenVogue August 2009 [from teenvogue.com -- gotta get me some poofy skirts and shirts like hers!]

Vogue Italia September/October 2008 [from diagonalley.it -- wearing tons of couture!!; warning: these scans are HUGE]

Burberry Campaign [from nymag.com]

Crash Magazine May 2009 [from stylefrizz.com -- photographed by Karl Lagerfeld himself!! showing a different side of herself.]

I think it is safe to say that I have developed a girl crush on her. (:


Anonymous said...

Why does the last one look odd?


Christina said...
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Eugene Sarang said...

Hahaha I was so surprised when I first saw the new Burberry ads... but she is shaping up to be the next big thing?

Alex Rejaee said...

i want to mary her
and yeah i heard she isnt going to be acting anymore after harry potter cause she is going to columbia

but my brother and friend go there
so maybe i can meet her

Jane said...

Yeah, I read in her interview, she said that 1) she wanted to lead a normal college life and "do it right" -- therefore, going to Columbia and living a dorm with a roommate and all, and 2) that she wasn't going to act again unless something made her want to act as much as Harry Potter did. But she's still filming while attending Columbia, for Deathly Hollows.