introduce me

This is my first real post! How exciting. (: Have been wanting to make a fashion blog for soo long and finally teamed up with Elaine to get it done!

First, let's start out with my outfit from yesterday. You can kind of see it a little in the YouTube video on the side bar [hehe, it's a stopmotion!], but here are some pictures. You can click on them to enlarge them, if you so desire.

black star asymmetrical top = urban outfitters $10
YNQ jean shorts = ross $15?
red converse high-tops = present from a friend
belt = dad's from china
necklace = mom's from china

Check out all my lovely [or horrible, which is my opinion] artwork in the background!Me being silly... or normal. This is one of my usual picture poses.
This is where all the magic happens [aka, in my room, or you may call it by its alias, the Threadsetters Headquarters]. Cutting a shirt for elaine & editing our YouTube intro movie.
On Windows Movie Maker, resizing the time slot for each picture. It looks so cool, like a panorama.

There is so much I am so excited to blog about. A tribute to Michael Jackson's crazy but classic fashion trends [=(] and how they've influenced the runway and elsewhere, Emma Watson's spread in the August TeenVogue magazine, etc. Keep an eye out for more later!


Eugene Sarang said...

haha jane you're so cute <3

golden said...

diffuse glow unnecessary. take a hint from the sartorialist? or some fashionistas on chictopia...

keep going at it though, everyone has their first posts :)