"dats my necklace"

The other day, I was looking around Lookbook.nu [aka my addiction], spending an hour or two looking at the current hottest looks when all of a sudden... "Wait. That looks familiar. ........ Wait, I HAVE THAT!" That's pretty rare on LB.nu. I showed Elaine on AIM and so eloquently said "dats my necklace." Yeah. You know how I do.

So here comes the big question... WHO WEARS IT BETTER? [Please say me. ... Jk I don't really care who wears it better -- I'll still keep wearing it<3]

Anthony San Nicolas of Lookbook.nu

Or me, Jane, your beloved blogger<3

HAHAHA I just giggled because I realized how similar our pictures were. IT WAS NOT INTENTIONAL! I promise. If only my second picture was my first picture or vice versa, we would totally be matching. Both wearing the necklace, both wearing a light tanktop underneath a dark jacket, both wearing nailpolish [mine's turquoise; his black], bangs in our eyes... we're basically twins on accident. Cool.

Wahsai, this necklace was love at first sight for me. If you all don't know yet, since I haven't mentioned it on the blog, I have a mad obsession with peacock feathers. I don't know how to explain it, but every since I was small, I have LOVED them. My mom has a fake one [at least I think it's fake?! Who knows, it might be real...] and it's in this little vase and I always used to love to play with it because it was just so darn pretty. Well, I still love them now and it's been years. So I was so happy to find peacock accessories everywhere as well as all over clothes as designs and prints and stuff. SOO pretty. And omg, you would not believe my excitement when I SAW PEACOCKS IN REAL LIFE! Two summers ago, in '07, I was vacationing in China and we stopped at this ... bird zoo, for lack of a better term [it wasn't even like an aviary, it really was a bird zoo], and there were beeaaauuutttiful peacocks just running all over the place! I'm serious, not even in cages or anything, just out there, darting between the bushes as we climbed up this mountain. Holy crap, you would not believe my excitement [I know I already said this sentence but seriously!!!!]. Here are some pictures as proof. [Wow, just looking at these pictures made me fall in love with them all over again.]

Proof that I was there and that these pictures aren't just off Google or anything. I was too busy taking pictures of my beloved bird [I took all of the above pictures] that I didn't get to pose with them or anything like my mom did. What a shame! The one time I could be photographed next to a real live peacock and I didn't take it =(

Holy crap guys, I just went through some of my old photo albums to see if I posed with the aforementioned peacock feather in any of them [I didn't =(] but HOLY CRAP, I have stumbled on a gem aka MYSELF. LOL. You would not believe how much I used to looove to pose for pictures [I had a lot of head-tilting and arms-crossed action going on], how much I looooved wearing frilly ruffley dresses, how much I LOVED biker shorts, how much I loved socks with sandals and what? Vans lookalikes??, how much I loved colorful flowery tights, how much I loved color clashing and just bright colors in general... oh man, you name it, I WORE IT! LOL. I'm going to show you guys some of those pictures later. And dang, guys, Baby Jane was so cute. What the heck happened to me?? =( [Btw, Stephen and Elaine, you guys are in some of my pictures hehehehe.]

Btw, today was the first day I've worn long pants [jeans] since June 6th [I remember the date because it was the day of doom aka SAT II Subject Tests]. It felt sooo weird to put on long pants [but a good decision nonetheless, because the orthodontist's office was FREEZING]. Texas summer is too brutal to try and wear jeans. It's all about showing skin!! And trying to keep cool...

Man, I really talk too much. =x Goodbye for now! ANTICIPATE THOSE BABY JANE PICTURES. I swear, you will not be disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

this isn't related to fashion, but i just wanted to say that i like the playlist you guys have, especially that song by passion pit. i've never come across them before and theyre so gooooood!

-david li