liar, liar, pants on fire

Hey guys, I'M SO SORRY, but in my entry about Emma Watson.... I LIED TO YOU! She's not going to Columbia, she's going to Brown! Oh no, a different Ivy! But whatever, both are lovely schools that I would love to attend.....

Maybe this will give me a little incentive hehe. [Especially since I have been SO unproductive the last few days ugh.]

Anyways. That's all I had to say today. I hate it when I'm wrong about something so I had to apologize and clarify quickly.

Btw, did anyone else watch the solar eclipse on Asian television?! I watched it on the Chinese CCTV4 news channel today and OH MY it was lovely. And then I had some fun with my mom since she knows absolutely nothing about astronomy because she never had to study it in school. "Which is the biggest: the sun, the moon, or the earth?" Heh heh heh. My dad and I had some good laughs. Sorry, Mom! But she suggested that I should study astronomy since I used to be so interested in it... Hmm, maybe!

Here's a pic of Emma to make this somewhat fashion-related. [I don't like how whenever I search for images of her on Yahoo, I find so many of her drinking and partying. =( Totally ruined my image of her as a role model.]

As spokesmodel of Chanel. Image from Hollywood Headache.

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Eugene Sarang said...

LOL jane hahaha you're too cute :P
oh i made an emma watson post yesterday, check out my blog to see (:
andddddd i know it's pretty sad that i comment on like every post on this blog, but i have a 3 hour free period every day so i can't help it ^^