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Okay. By now, I'm sure you guys have noticed that I looove to rummage through my mom's closet for clothes to borrow [AKA "steal"] and wear in my own way. However... today, I hit a different closet. I was bored [isn't this how all of my fashion adventures start out as? b/c of boredom?] and had the idea of making an old poncho into a skirt. So I went to the guest bedroom closet [AKA where all of my old baby clothes are stored]. I found the poncho.... and then some. I guess I live in a family of packrats, because my mom never threw away or gave away any of my old clothes [well, she did give away some, but I never had the heart to let her give away my favorite dresses when I was like 6. After that, I don't think she really gave away much of my other clothes]. She always told me, "Keep these for when you have children." [Although, honestly, I don't want children.] I found of some my old beloved dresses and some things I don't even remember having and some great hand-me-downs from my cousin. And, knowing me... I put them on. Yes. I put on clothes that I once wore when I was in 4th grade and younger. Oh dear god. [Actually, I still wear a lot of my childhood clothing.] [Are you guys tired of my commentary yet?] [How about now?]

Aren't you guys proud you know me? Ha ha ha... it's okay, sometimes I am even embarassed to know myself.

I paper-bagged this poncho [my favorite way to wear a skirt/pants! even though I've never done it before] that Alicia and her mom made for me for my birthday in... middle school? Yeah. I like how it has the same indigo tint as some of the flowers on my top. However, I think it makes me legs look a little stumpy and my hips a little chunky. So I'll probably never wear it in real life. But look at that fringe! Yeees, so trendy (: Also, it is soo soft. Maybe I will wear it like a normal poncho one day. Yeah, that's right, I'm bringing the poncho back. You know you missed it.

Wheeee, twirl!

Okay, this is the first real "childhoold" piece of clothing I put on. I was attracted by the plaid. I love this combination of colors for plaid. And it has cute pleating and an empire waist and cute wooden buttons and the perfect pockets! How could I decline? Although I'm sure this is WAY shorter on me now than it once was......

LOLOL CHECK OUT MY HAIR. That is the tallest bun I have probably ever made.

I'm pretty sure this was my cousin's dress and is a hand-me-down. I love it now though. Doesn't it remind you of a figure ice skater's dress or something?! Also, lovelovelove the sleeves. Poofy shoulders ftw. And yes, I am wearing shorts and a tanktop underneath -- I have some decency, you know. AND, contrary to popular belief, my legs are NOT this tan. Trust me. They aren't. Even though you will all say they are. They aren't. They will be though, after band camp.

Okay, this next dress is a tragic pairing. It was once my favorite favorite favorite dress. Trust me. Favorite. So much so that as I am typing at this, I am also looking at my school picture from 4th grade and I am wearing this dress in it. However, today, when I tried to "slip" it on over my head, It wouldn't fit. My shoulders are too wide!!! I was so sad. So instead... I concocted [not really; I just really couldn't fit my other arm through the arm hole] this one-shouldered ensemble. Not too shabby, eh? Eh? ... Yeah, I will also never wear this out. But I love this dress! Sigh. [Btw, can you see my thought process through this series of pictures? 1) Hm..... 2) Testing out the bat-wing sleeve. 3) I like!]

Okay, here's the picture I was talking about. Yes, go ahead and laugh. I know you want to. It's okay, because I did too. But this is the proper way to wear the dress. Cute button and collar details! Also, did you guys love Sanrio as much as me and my friends did in elementary school? I found this picture in my old Pochacco planner. He was my fav, because he was a dog, and I wanted a dog so badly.
Alright, last oufit. This is a matching jean vest and skirt ensemble. Jeans make you think of a cowgirl, right? NOT SO. There is a little collar on the vest that makes this look so sailor-themed! Yes, that's right. Jane, the sailor-cowgirl, at your service.

Land, ho! Howdy y'all.

This is THE ultimate way to be a recessionista -- to save clothes from when you are a kid and wear them when you're almost an adult. Save it for my future children? Pshhhh, I'll wear it now!

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Eugene Sarang said...

LOL JANE! why are you so cute??
i lovelove the plaid dress [sans belt though, because of the waist?] and the Dara hair LOL <3