summer monochrome

today, i went to DSW with mary. big mistake.
ignore the crappy cellphone camera quality, focus on THOSE SHOES...

they were on sale for $36. i did not buy them. I CAN'T FIND THEM ONLINE ANYWHERE! F you, steve madden, i never liked you anyways.

as for the outfit you can barely see-
shipley & halmos UNIQLO dress $20
f21 vest $18ish


Eugene Sarang said...

cutee outfit (:

Grace said...

i was just there this past sunday!
i think it was fate--landed a pair of 5" bcbg heels. not that i had any cash to spare, but hey, it was love @ first sight, and love endures all. haha

now, i just need to learn how to walk in them without looking ridiculous. :)

keep up the posts! <3