new england update

hello from NYC (queenslol)!!!
i've been having tons of fun up here, love this city and boston

to make this post at least partially related to fashion-
today i did some shopping in soho and i was pleasantly surprised to find a UNIQLO there!

as you can see: basically a cheaper, classier, bigger american apparel.
i went there once last summer in london and got a pair of wide legged jeans (which i have yet to wear...) for like 20 USD.
today, i spent over an hour in the HUGE store (it's the only one in north america, according to wikipedia!) and got a drop-waist dress that was a uniqlo+shipley&halmos collab, and a pair of cuffed ankle pants for a total of $40. aaaawweeeeeeesoooome! def check out their site and the store if you are ever in NYC... wish there was one in dallas! :|

now, on to some more fun, marginally fashion-related stuff...

yesterday, conor oberst & jenny lewis had a free concert at battery park and i was there. yessss.

nearly died when conor came out to sing "handle me with care" w/ jenny. so good :')

so much fabulousness and talent!!

also, today in a subway station:
this is me and some other tourists surrounded by HALF-BLOOD PRINCE POSTERS! note draco in the closest poster lookin FIERCE, and i couldn't figure who the big guy on the right was?!!? help me out!
SO EXCITED and yeah, closest thing to an outfit post i've got.

comin home in a couple of days bearing more pictures!


Eugene Sarang said...

haha that's cool about jenny lewis in the park (: you should go to the korean sauna in Flushing [which is like, where all the koreans in new york live] it's really cool! haha (:

Jane said...
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Jane said...

a;lsjdhf;akjdhfa;dsf JENNY LEWIS!!! Have I told you how many times how envious I am? I like her outfit hehe. And also, I went to UNIQLO last year! Wish I could be in NYC =( And I just stalked through so many Harry Pottter and the HBP websites online and it's Dave Legeno, who is playing Fenrir Greyback, the werewolf Death Eater. And I really lol'd at the "and yeah, closest thing to an outfit post i've got." hehe