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Whenever I get bored during breaks, I like to take pictures of myself [...it is as conceited as it sounds -.-"]. It's a good way to kill time and I always feel nice and vain afterwards. [I hope you can tell the sarcasm.] Today, I went to dig through my mom's closet on a mission, looking for a certain sweater that I had imagined the perfect outfit for. However, I couldn't find it, and instead, stumbled on a GREAT find. I vaguely remember my mom showing it to me before, but not really, but why didn't I notice it before because I AM SO IN LOVE WITH IT. It's a tunic, in a chipao [traditional Chinese clothing] style, but the design on the front is Egyptian. For anyone that remembers my constantly-changing obsessions during middle school, you know that I had a huge fascination with Ancient Egypt. I was so intrigued by the pyramids, pharaohs, hieroglyphics, etc. I don't think I can express how much I am in love with this right now. So here are some pictureeees. [I know I said I wouldn't mention Kpop for a few entries, but wearing this tunic with tights made me feel like Bom of 2NE1, with all of her short dresses & tights ensembles.]

Chipao-style Egyptian Tunic = Mom's
Black floral lace tights = Forever21, Gift from Meichen

Hehe, this one is just for kicks.

Elaine showed me the Bakers Shoes website this morning with its huge sales [ESPECIALLY IN THEIR SANDALS SECTION -- THEY'RE 50% OFF!!] and we both freaked out a little [or a lot]. Here are some of my favs that I will probably never get my hands on [or feet in] because I am so broke [and I know, some are a bit pricey! Not too bad for shoes, but still costly]. I am really into shoes right now, especially booties. Gotta learn how to walk in heels!!!!

Bakers Tavie Pumps $79.99
[These are pretty simple but I couldn't pass them up because they're zipper-trimmed hahaha.]

Bakers Tollie Sandals $49.99

Bakers Estella Peep-toe Pumps $89.95

Forever21 Faux Leather Cinched Boot $27.80

Steven by Steve Madden 'Bevan' Pump $119.90 =(

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Stephen Zhou said...

suggestion: more outfits rather than more poses!