examine your zipper

First of all, happy birthday to America!

Second of all, the topic of my post today... ZIPPERS! Did you examine yours? Good. Because you never know where it'll end up -- they're now all over clothing, accessories, shoes, etc. [I know that was lame, sorry x__x]

I remember the first time I saw zipper accents on clothes, it was on Season 3 of Project Runway in Jeffrey Sebelia's collection at Olympus Fashion Week. The only reason I remember the zippers so fondly is because Tim Gunn really admired them. [There were also some gold zippers on the bags Sebelia made but they're not pictured.]

They're kind of hard to see, but the gold detailing is zippers.

Then, next, zippers appeared in 3.1 Phillip Lim's Spring 2009 Collection. [I am also in love with the ruffled heels in the first picture.]

Once again, gold detailing = zippers.

Btw, look at this homemade, Phillip Lim-inspired zipper dress! She had a friend make it for her. Wow, wish I had the talent to make this!
Michelle from lookbook.nu

Now, here are some things you can get, zipper-accented and all, at an affordable price! [Finally, we're featuring some things you CAN get for a much lower price.] Click on product names to be linked to its product page, where you can buy it online.

First, some accessories from Urban Outfitters.

Deux Lux Zipper Rosette Coin Purse $14.99
(Comes in Black as well)
[Actually, if you go to a UO store, they were having a "yard sale" where basically everything was on sale and this coin purse was only $5 (or was it$10??)!! I regret not buying it. I don't know if the sale is still going on though; hopefully it is!]

Deena & Ozzy Zipper Clutch $19.99

Now, this is what sparked my interest in posting this entry. I'm following Forever 21 on Twitter, and a few days ago, they updated saying, "Ladies in the office swooning over this fierce number today: http://tinyurl.com/muez2g What do you think?" Leading me to find this...

Zipper Trim Tube Dress $22.80
[So cute, and SO affordable. Definitely want one for myself hahaha.]

Photo credits: rickey.org, style.com


Grace said...

i love that last dress <3

i know this is a little off topic, but i found this site a while ago and wanted to share with you guys:
i've been keeping up with it for about a week now, but basically, this girl is wearing the same dress every single day for a year. the first day she wore it plain, but she puts a new spin on each outfit. it sounds ridiculous until you realize she's doing it to raise money for education in the slums of india. she started this past may, and is still going strong.

its really inspiring to see someone use fashion to get people to notice and contribute to making the world a better place. not to mention that she proves that one staple item can go a very long way. :)


Jane said...

Wowow, Grace, I'm looking at the site right now and it's amazing!! She comes up with some super creative looks too. And it's always a plus when people have a good cause too. May definitely do a post on this in the future and credit you. Thanks so much for sharing!

Eugene Sarang said...

Holy eff, I love exposed zippers. JANE! They were having this enormous blowout sale at Zara on Friday and I bought so many clothes [including two asymmetrical tops with exposed zippers ^^] and I felt so happy chus I didn't get to buy any at UO that one time... pahaha. Anyway I'm bringing about half of the things I bought there to orientation this week and I'll take pictures for you (: Also, I added zippers to that AA tanktop I bought, I'll have to take a picture of that sometime too ^^

skyecakes said...

OOooooooo wow. I love that striped jacket. But I'm really short and I probably couldn't pull off something as bold as that.

Zippers are so spiffy, too, but I'm allergic to metal so I can't wear anything like that, ughhh.