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Me and Elaine both have Chictopia accounts now! Check us out.
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The other day, I was bored so I decided to cut up one of my t-shirts. If you are Meichen, Rena, Kevin, or Robin, you will remember this shirt from the ones that we made for our Pi Day project in pre-calc last year. I decided the shirt could use some livening up so I would wear it more often, so... I cut off the collar, cut of the sleeve hems, and cut slits on the sides to make cut-outs. Simple and easy, done in five minutes, and now I've been wearing the shirt for.. a few days [okay, so sue me, I don't ever really change during the summer unless I go out or feel disgusting or whatever. I know, it's pretty gross =( But it's just like wearing PJs all day...for 4 days ina row]. I dunno what it is about cut-outs but they add a feeling of excitement and intrigue to the shirt. And cut-outs are everywhere right now anyways, so why not jump on the trend wagon? Yeah... [More DIY coming later -- I have a lot of shirts I need to make more wearable.]

Black star cut-out t-shirt = DIY
White tanktop = Express $15? $8? I dunno, mom bought it
Yellow belt = ?? Mom's
Indigo pants = H&M $20?Gold ring belt [as necklace] = Mom's
[Wow, my memory for prices sucks. Also, I obviously share clothes with my mom a lot. We wear the same size and usually like the same things so it all works out. Or I just steal things from her closet and her from mine... -.-" Hahaha]

Ever since winter or spring, me and Elaine have been talking about starting our own accessories line. Mainly of just simple pieces put together made from other objects. Well, last Friday, we finally got the ball rolling.... with electrical tape jewelry! Hahaha. Mary was making a pinhole camera when we were at her house, so while she was making it, we made some use of our time by making a bracelet [mine] and a ring [Elaine's]. Some pictures of my bracelet. Not gonna lie, electrical tape kind of remind me and Elaine of leather. [Elaine'll post pics of her ring later. It's supah cute.]

This is how it looks when worn. The diagonal detailing isn't very visible.

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