show those pearly whites


Yes. I was very excited. I posted my picture everywhere over the Internet. Sorry ='(

Anyways, to celebrate, my mom treated my dad and I to dinner at Japon. We had a hibachi-style dinner, which was SO cool. It's when the chef cooks in front of you and he did all these cool tricks. Man, it cost so much and wasn't the best meal I ate but the show was worth it.

My mom did not like either of the outfits I donned today. =( She also went around telling everyone about how much I couldn't stop smiling at myself in the mirror. So embarassed! x__x Heh....

NOW I CAN SMILE IN PICTURES! Not that I didn't smile in pictures while I had braces [for 3 1/2 years, mind you], but now you won't see a whole bunch of metal.

Outfit for going to the orthodontist:
Black top with asymmetrical star collar = Urban Outfitters $10
Coral tank top with metallic sequin detail = Old Navy $8
Purple shorts = H&M $12...?
Leather belt worn backwards = Dad's
Red flats = Charlotte Russe $10...? [Not pictured]
[Sorry you can't really see the shorts; you'll see them in the next pic.]

Outfit for dinner [basically, I just changed the top]:
Pinstripe short-sleeved blazer = Kohl's $??
White lace tanktop = JCPenny $15?
Purple shorts = H&M $12...?
Leather belt = Dad's
Red flats = Charlotte Russe $10...? [Not pictured]

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