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Hi guys, I just wanted to thank everyone for the great feedback in the Facebook group and all the suggestions and ideas people have presented to us [great minds must think alike because a lot of the suggestions were ideas we were already planning on doing!].

I wanted to kind of explain what our goal with this blog was since I don't think it was very clear.

Elaine and I have both been fond of stalking fashion blogs and decided that we wanted to make our own. At first, we weren't sure what we would do to set ours apart but Elaine came up with this idea. She said that she was always reading blogs about how people would say "Oh, I got this item; it was such a steal!" and the price would still be $600. To us, that is not anywhere near affordable or a steal. Now, we know that high fashion means high prices, but we wanted to show that it was possible to look great without spending that much money. A lot of fashion bloggers I have read say that it's important to splurge on certain big name designer items that will look great with everything, be timeless, and be your money's worth. I agree, but I still don't have the kind of money to buy those things. So, with this blog, we wanted to present designer-inspired items at a fraction of the price. We know this may not appeal to everyone because some people like to know that they are getting high-quality pieces of clothing and that the brand name means something. We respect that, but we also know how it feels to not be able to afford those things. Therefore, this blog was created in the hopes of helping everyday people, just like Elaine and me, who still like to look stylish while keeping the purse strings drawn tight.

On the day that we met together for the first time at the Threadsetters HQ [aka, my aforementioned room], we decided what we wanted to do with this blog. We wanted to present our own clothes and outfits [with each piece of clothing we own normally maxing out at around like $30], as well as "Style Spotlights" on our fashionable friends [Darryl, we're coming after you -- you were number 1 on our brainstorming list], trendy, affordable places around DFW [Elaine knows about this one store that we are thinking of featuring], etc.

I apologize that right now, we may be starting out slow with just posting pictures of our own outfits and some inspiration and things like that, but we promise, there is more on the way!

Thanks, everyone!

[Btw, right now, I am so disillusioned and wishing everyone in the world was like Dagny Taggart, Hank Rearden, or, my personal favorite, Francisco d'Anconia. -- characters from Atlas Shrugged. Or even that I could just be in New York, the setting of the book & where Elaine is right now.]

Photo credit: Kaysha


Eugene Sarang said...

Jane dear, I believe everything will come together fabulously (:

Also here are some blogs you might find helpful --

http://handmeover.blogspot.com/ [a lot of her clothes are like, Target and F21 and even just thrifted, and her style is awesome]

http://sallyjanevintage.blogspot.com/ [mm, less high fashion and more vintage? She goes to mostly thrift shops like goodwill, and I thought you might be interested in her post where she buys an entire outfit using only $20?]

http://www.fashiontoast.com/ [the one and only Rumi... knowing you, you probably already read this but just in case you don't... haha Rumi is featured EVERYWHERE lately and I'm proud chus she's part Korean :D and I like how she mixes high fashion pieces from like Alexander Wang with everyday eclecticism, like items from Walmart and DIY]

anddd probably a lot more but I don't want to spam :O

love always <3

Elaine said...

aww NICE. it would've taken me hours to put it this eloquently LOL but yeah great post jane!
i'm in boston right now i wanted to post some pictures, but i forgot the camera cord :( i might be able to tomorrow, though, when i get to ny! ttttttttyyyyyllllllllllll,

Vickii said...

elaine has the same shoes as the handmeover girl!!1!11